Monday, February 16, 2009


Here is an article from the English newspaper here in Korea.

The title is "Koreans don't rule out violence." Quite the awesome title.

The first line states "More than three out of every 10 Koreans regard violence as a more effective solution to problems than the law."

Maybe they think this because the Korean police are a joke. The culture of Korea is all about respecting your elders, so if the cop is younger than the offender, the offender doesn't feel he has to follow the police's orders.

But, that is not the point. There are some really crazy stats in the article.

"Most of the respondents (88 percent) had gone through physical punishment when growing up, and 50 percent had experienced beatings for no specific reason."

"Among those beaten for no reason during childhood, 69.1 percent said that their parents were violent toward each other."

Fifty percent were beaten for no reason? Um, seems a little high to me. Isn't that half!

There ain't much I can really say about this. I'd like to ask some Koreans if those numbers seem right, but dunno if I wanna go asking my friends or co-workers "Did you get beat up at home for no reason?"

If I do ask about it, I'll add what they say here.

Peace and Love.