Sunday, July 15, 2007

Renewable resources...

Hmmm... Many tangents...

No class this week. Tomorrow, being Tuesday, is a holiday. Going home on Thursday. The next few days can't go by fast enough.

I just made a powerpoint presentation that I'm gonna use during English camp. I'm gonna get the kids to act out a news program, and the theme song is gonna be the Danger Bay theme song. I spent all morning trying to find the tune, and ended up having to rip it from Youtube.

Last week I went rafting. I wouldn't exactly call it white water rafting, but there were some decent waves and rapids at a few points. I went with the foreign teachers in my district so everything was arranged and paid for by SMOE, the schoolboard.

One of the girl in my raft got hit in the face by a rope. The rope goes across the river and it's purpose is for people who fall outta the raft. They can grab the rope and haul themselves to shore.

The rope was kinda low and the dude in front of me lifted it up, and I hit the deck. When he let go of the rope it flicked back and got the chick right in the eye, ricocheted (this word looks retarded) off her face, then hit another girl in the helmet and actually cracked the helmet.

Good times!

So I fly into St. Johns at noon on Friday, July 20th. Diggz is gonna get into SJ on Tuesday and then drive across da rock with me.

I'm hoping to get into DL at 7 or 8, depending on what time I'm able to get outta SJ. I got lots of partying to do at home because that day is the beginning of Strawberry Festival, the best festival East of Lollapalooza.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Everland is a big amuesment park a little outside of Seoul. I went there a couple months ago with the grade sixes but didn't post anything about it.

And I'm not gonna post much about it now. Here are a few pictures. Check out my facebook for more pics.

See all the buses? This is kinda typical in Korea. They love going places on buses. There were 3 or 4 rows. Too many Koreans b'y.

This is me kicking a birds ass in a staring contest.
Here's a happy polar bear loving the summer heat. Look how happy he look! Why would anyone ever say a zoo is "inhumane"? This guy got it made. Paradise. It gotta be way better than living in the Arctic.

This next photo is a good warning. Life is sometimes too easy for people on this lovely planet and we often forget about the many threats that are trying to eliminate the human race.

Somehow, people have managed to become very passive towards our worst enemy!

They are definitely a threat to our freedom, and economy.
This guy is just cold chillin'. Representin'. Keepin' shit real. Loungin'. Maxin' and relaxin'.

My type of dude.

This guy could learn a thing or two from our friend above. Here he's tryna eat a rock. Just a moment before this he was hitting himself on the head with the rock. I can't decide what's a better idea. Eating it or bashing your brains out?

Monkey, or gorillas, or whatever this thing is, sure have weird asses. I also like the Korean high school girls who decided to flip me the peace sign. It's about time monkeys and Koreans get along.
Here's my favorite grade 6 class, I think. I don't really like any of the grade 6 classes so these guys may as well be my favorites.

I like their homeroom teacher.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

The city is a labyrinth...

I just saw an awesome t-shirt. One of my grade three students was wearing it.

On the front it said "People of the Labyrinths."

The back had something to do with basketball. Said something like "Basketball training" and then some really technical sounding words like "high definition skills" and "fundamental structure" or something like that.

I wish the kid was bigger because I woulda made him an offer he couldn't refuse, like a big bad of candy, or an action figure...

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Buckle up...

It's been a pretty uneventful couple of weeks. I sent home most of my money after I got paid (I only get paid once a month) so I ain't got the dough to get out of hand every weekend. I think I'm gonna need a lot of money when I'm in Newfoundland so the sacrifice should be worth it.

Yesterday I had to get a medical exam. All of the English teachers who renewed had to do the same and this is standard practice in Korean. Even the Korean teachers have to have the exam once every five years.

I hope I passed. And I hope I don't have AIDS or something...

I also looked a few apartments yesterday. Well, technically, they aren't apartments. They're officetels. To me, they are apartments.

I viewed three different "rooms" all in the Seokchon area, one subway stop south of Jamsil. Two of the apartments weren't suitable but one was decent and I think I'm gonna move there. The other incentive is that the girl living there now said she'll leave her TV and bed for me (both are bigger than the ones I have now).

There is a "lake" about five minutes from my apartment called Seokchon Lake. This is where I go jogging, when I actually go jogging. It's been too hot these days.

Seokchon Lake is next to Lotte Department Store, Lotte Mart, and YES, Lotte World. Lotte World is an indoor/outdoor amusement park that has been closed until recently because someone died on one of the rides.

I was told that it wasn't a problem with the machinery, but instead, the guy who died actually worked there and was using the rides on his free time. Apparently, he didn't use the safety strap/bar and went flying off the roller coaster. The people working at the time are at fault I guess because they should make sure everyone on the ride is strapped in.

But the dude who died also sounds like a bit of an idiot.

Jamsil, which I said is just a ten minute walk from my potential new home, has a lot of really nice apartment buildings. To buy three bedroom apartment, you're gonna pay 670,000,000 Won. IN Canadian dollars, you're talking exactly $764,757.48!!

That's kinda nuts for a three bedroom apartment.

You could buy about all of St. Judes for that price, and probably a large chunk of Cormack and Reidsville to go along with it.