Monday, October 29, 2007

Doctor Dave...

I had to go to Corner Brook to see the doctor. Myself, Lana, Sam, and Daniel went down there together.

I walked into the building holding the clinic. It was in an old apartment building and first I walked into the wrong office, but the tenant told me what room I had to visit.

I knocked on the door and Doctor David Mustaine opened up. Paint was peeling off the door.

The dresser was covered with medical equipment and empty beer bottles with no labels. The doctor let out a wry laugh as I walked in.

He checked my sore throat and said I didn't need a prescription but I insisted that I did so he wrote one up.

I asked a few questions about being on tour while being a traveling doctor and he said it was quite manageable. It was a serious conversation.

I walked over to the window and on the street below Jeff Hewitt was getting roughed up by some tall sketchy guy and Jeff ran inside the building.

Dave said he was hungry and I told him and the band could stop by my parent's place in Deer Lake if they were passing through. Maybe they were getting sick of eating on the road and a good home cooked meal would go a long way.

The next thing I knew I was in a car with Greg, Chicken, Boomer, Lana, Cardoulis, and Dave Mustaine. We were in a taxi in St. Johns trying to get to a McDonalds.

The cabby took a wrong turn and Greg freaked out at him but we were soon at a McDonalds anyway. Greg had a different McDonalds in mind.

We say down and ate our McDonalds and it was raining outside.

I woke up craving McDonalds and Megadeth. It turned out to be my lucky day.

Six Nuggets, a Big Mac, and a few hours went by and I was sitting in the hall waiting for Megadeth to take the stage.

Dave and co. soon arrived and it was an awesome concert. They played a lot of old songs, but not enough for my liking. I definitely could have used more songs from "Killing is my Business... And Business is Good..." They played just one tune. Not enough.

Dave Mustaine actually seemed happy and like he was having fun. I expected someone much more bitter cynical.

The best part of the show was his in between banter. He said that the Seoul set would be longer than their usual set because the promoter was great. I don't really understand the politics of that but I was glad to hear it.

As the show progressed the sound go better and I didn't get bored with the 35+ guitar solos. Just deadly b'y.

They ended the set with "Holy Wars" as I figured they would. That's a fucking metal masterpiece right there.

Like I said in an earlier post, I'm getting stoked for the Usher show that's coming up.


Friday, October 12, 2007

Dream home...

Here's a great little read from a good technology site.

Toilet House Won't Flush, Smells Like Ass

In celebration of the first General Assembly of the World Toilet Association, the founder, Sim Jae-duck had this commode house built south of Seoul. The home boasts four deluxe toilets -- whatever the hell those are, and its center has a showcase bathroom, where "the toilets have features that range from elegant fittings to the latest in water conservation devices." The Assembly's goal is to provide clean sanitation for the more than 2 billion people who live without toilets. So why they're building a giant toilet house is a mystery to me. If you happen to be in South Korea go check it out, right at the intersection of Shit Street and Urine Avenue. You can't miss it, it's the house shaped like a f'ing toilet.
I seriously gotta somehow find this place...

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Who cares? I care....

I've never really had a reason to care about the economy and the strength of the Canadian dollar until now.

When I send money home I'm getting raped. Just a month or two ago I could send home 800,000 Won and it magically turned into a little over $900 Canadian,.

Now it only transforms into about $850. That's lame

Here's a chart showing the Canadian dollar compared the Korean Won.

Please come wipe away my tears...

The Blacks...

There's a new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. I didn't realize this until a few nights ago. Catching up on the episodes and they are as funny as ever. I wonder if Koreans would get that type of humour?

And the South Park about Tourettes Syndrome was also amazing.

Truly /asspiss/ amazing!

If you wanna be great, you gotta do heroin...

The title is a quote from Dave Mustaine. Good philosophy I suppose. Worked for him, and a bunch of other musicians.

Unlike a lot of the others Dave is still alive and picking. The last 10+ years of Megadeth has been pretty much embaressing but the olds albums still tear shit up. They'll be playing here at the end of the month and I'm in. Don't know if I'll find anyone to go with me because most of the people I know here are pussies and not into metal.

Sorry people. That's a sad thing for me to say b'y. But that's the breaks I s'pose, right?

Machine Head will also be playing at the end of the month. I liked them when they first came out then they got all nu-metally and shitty but they've sort of redeemed themselves with their last album or two. Nothing great, but at least it's metal again.

But what I'm truly excited about is the Beyonce and Usher concerts.
I bet the Usher concert will be an awesome place to meet girls...

And fags...

Monday, October 08, 2007

Save me a P.I.F.F...

I went to the Pusan International Film Festival this weekend. It was in Pusan, which is the second largest city in Korea. It's down south and it's known for it's beaches.

Pusan is an alright city. This was the first time I was there and I checked out most of the main areas. Spent the first night in a motel in Haeundae, which is a beach area. The second and final night was spent in Seomyun, which is one of the nightlife party places I suppose.

Although my reason for going was the P.I.F.F., arguably the most popular film fest in Asia, I ended up watching just one film. "Kremen," or "The Hard-hearted" in English. It was a Russian film and it was surprisingly good. Kinda had a "Taxi Driver I'm out to do good in a fucked up way" feel. My kinda movie.

Not much to really say about the trip really. Just a lot of exploring and wandering around so I'll let the pictures speak for me.
Christmas comes early in Pusan. So damn cute ain't it?
Not sure what the deal is here, but it's confusing at least.
I didn't know I made such an impression so quickly.
Disgusting. I hates octopus but somehow I keep ending up with it in my food. I really gotta learn some more Korean if only to avoid situations like this.
No comment. All I know is that this is creepy. I'm glad it was daytime, otherwise I may have lost my cool and freaked out...


My brother was tough as nails. He was the only kid I knew who could handle the "Gorialla Press Drop."
This was my brother's signature move. I don't remember what it was called but it's kinda gay I s'pose. Maybe it was called "The Ass Cracker."

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

My childhood hero...

Team impulse...

Long time, no writing. Back in the groove at work. Don't have as much time to write while I'm getting paid sitting around doing nothing. That's because I don't really sit around doing nothing anymore. I teach afterschool classes so the days I am free I actually have work to do.

I'm sick now. Got a sinus infection/cold. Tomorrow is a holiday but I know I'm better off staying home and getting myself better. Then I can get drunk on the weekend.

Last week was Chuseok, Korean Thanksgiving. Or something like that. Went to a small island off the west coast with Matt and some people who work at his school. Good time. Too relaxing. In a good way though.
Only a handful of stores on the island and two or three restaurants. No bars. Really small town. Lot's of pensions and guesthouse type things.

The highlight of the trip was a "hayride." Well, not really a hayride. The lady who owned the place we were staying at said she'd take us for a ride around the island.
We got to the other side and she drove down this crazy steep hill Boomer-style. We got to the bottom and she put a dirty fishing net covered with bugs in the dump (or bed of the truck for you non-Newfs) with us. It was gross.

Then she attempted the drive up the hill. I had faith. Her first try was a bust, so she backed down the mountain. Her backing up skills were terrible and she drove us into thorny trees. We had to jump off the truck.

Her second attempt was also a failure, and this time she backed up into a bunch of Korean alders and brush. The trees and grass got wound around that axl thingy that spins on the bottom of some trucks. We were stuck there.

Matt helped the ajumma clear the grass while me and one of the Davids went down on the beach looking around.
They yelled for us to come back and we walked up the hill and got picked up by her co-workers in a van.
Corn ice cream was also quite the event, although this didn't happen on the island. We discovered this in Incheon, a dirty port city near Seoul that is home of the international airport.
We stayed in a love motel the night before we went to the island. This stuff made my skin really smooth. It also turned the other guys on, so I had to have a shower and wash it off.
Before we left the island, me and Matt rented a quad and dirted around the island. It was awesome. We could drive onthe streets, but cruising around the dirt roads and trails was more fun. We managed to not get too lost and returned the quad with a few minutes to spare.
There were poisonous snakes on the mountain so it could've been the end of us if we got a flat tire or something. But shit, it woulda been a cool way to go out.

The day before, I went out and my sandals were gone. Some Korean dude was wearing them. I went over to try to get them back but before I could ask, he was pouring me scotch. It was about two in the afternoon. Sat around with him drinking beer and scotch with his three nieces. I thought they were his daughters at the time. They were embaressed by him.

He was soon plastered and his head began to dangle. One of his nieces looked at me and spun her finger around her ear, the universal sign for "yeah, he's crazy."

I kinda forgot to get my sandals so I just stole someone elses for the day.

When we got back to the place we were staying, the Korean family who was occupying all the other rooms on the floor were trying to bust into the room next to ours.
Thanks to our Korean-American friend Hahna, we discovered the dude who stole my sandals was passed out in the room. They were worried about him. Someone tried to picked the lock and busted the clip. Then someone came with the key but it couldn't work. So they slammed the door with a fire extinguisher and eventually got it open with a clam digging spade.

The sandal thief was alright. Luckily, he survived fan death.

We played asshole one night and got really drunk. My friend bet the president 5 bucks he would lose. I made the same bet, but if I lost I'd have to pay him 10. Thankfully, we teamed up and he lost. He called us cheaters for the rest of the night. We didn't break any rules so we didn't cheat, right?

Here's a photo of the place we ate at in Incheon. Mmm!
The island was nice. People fishing, digging clams, catching crabs. Not crowded. Nice beach. Good place to disappear if you never want to be found again, or if you're a North Korean defector.
And Matt's nuts b'y.
Just imagine, we used to call this guy pitiful...