Monday, October 08, 2007

Save me a P.I.F.F...

I went to the Pusan International Film Festival this weekend. It was in Pusan, which is the second largest city in Korea. It's down south and it's known for it's beaches.

Pusan is an alright city. This was the first time I was there and I checked out most of the main areas. Spent the first night in a motel in Haeundae, which is a beach area. The second and final night was spent in Seomyun, which is one of the nightlife party places I suppose.

Although my reason for going was the P.I.F.F., arguably the most popular film fest in Asia, I ended up watching just one film. "Kremen," or "The Hard-hearted" in English. It was a Russian film and it was surprisingly good. Kinda had a "Taxi Driver I'm out to do good in a fucked up way" feel. My kinda movie.

Not much to really say about the trip really. Just a lot of exploring and wandering around so I'll let the pictures speak for me.
Christmas comes early in Pusan. So damn cute ain't it?
Not sure what the deal is here, but it's confusing at least.
I didn't know I made such an impression so quickly.
Disgusting. I hates octopus but somehow I keep ending up with it in my food. I really gotta learn some more Korean if only to avoid situations like this.
No comment. All I know is that this is creepy. I'm glad it was daytime, otherwise I may have lost my cool and freaked out...

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