Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Team impulse...

Long time, no writing. Back in the groove at work. Don't have as much time to write while I'm getting paid sitting around doing nothing. That's because I don't really sit around doing nothing anymore. I teach afterschool classes so the days I am free I actually have work to do.

I'm sick now. Got a sinus infection/cold. Tomorrow is a holiday but I know I'm better off staying home and getting myself better. Then I can get drunk on the weekend.

Last week was Chuseok, Korean Thanksgiving. Or something like that. Went to a small island off the west coast with Matt and some people who work at his school. Good time. Too relaxing. In a good way though.
Only a handful of stores on the island and two or three restaurants. No bars. Really small town. Lot's of pensions and guesthouse type things.

The highlight of the trip was a "hayride." Well, not really a hayride. The lady who owned the place we were staying at said she'd take us for a ride around the island.
We got to the other side and she drove down this crazy steep hill Boomer-style. We got to the bottom and she put a dirty fishing net covered with bugs in the dump (or bed of the truck for you non-Newfs) with us. It was gross.

Then she attempted the drive up the hill. I had faith. Her first try was a bust, so she backed down the mountain. Her backing up skills were terrible and she drove us into thorny trees. We had to jump off the truck.

Her second attempt was also a failure, and this time she backed up into a bunch of Korean alders and brush. The trees and grass got wound around that axl thingy that spins on the bottom of some trucks. We were stuck there.

Matt helped the ajumma clear the grass while me and one of the Davids went down on the beach looking around.
They yelled for us to come back and we walked up the hill and got picked up by her co-workers in a van.
Corn ice cream was also quite the event, although this didn't happen on the island. We discovered this in Incheon, a dirty port city near Seoul that is home of the international airport.
We stayed in a love motel the night before we went to the island. This stuff made my skin really smooth. It also turned the other guys on, so I had to have a shower and wash it off.
Before we left the island, me and Matt rented a quad and dirted around the island. It was awesome. We could drive onthe streets, but cruising around the dirt roads and trails was more fun. We managed to not get too lost and returned the quad with a few minutes to spare.
There were poisonous snakes on the mountain so it could've been the end of us if we got a flat tire or something. But shit, it woulda been a cool way to go out.

The day before, I went out and my sandals were gone. Some Korean dude was wearing them. I went over to try to get them back but before I could ask, he was pouring me scotch. It was about two in the afternoon. Sat around with him drinking beer and scotch with his three nieces. I thought they were his daughters at the time. They were embaressed by him.

He was soon plastered and his head began to dangle. One of his nieces looked at me and spun her finger around her ear, the universal sign for "yeah, he's crazy."

I kinda forgot to get my sandals so I just stole someone elses for the day.

When we got back to the place we were staying, the Korean family who was occupying all the other rooms on the floor were trying to bust into the room next to ours.
Thanks to our Korean-American friend Hahna, we discovered the dude who stole my sandals was passed out in the room. They were worried about him. Someone tried to picked the lock and busted the clip. Then someone came with the key but it couldn't work. So they slammed the door with a fire extinguisher and eventually got it open with a clam digging spade.

The sandal thief was alright. Luckily, he survived fan death.

We played asshole one night and got really drunk. My friend bet the president 5 bucks he would lose. I made the same bet, but if I lost I'd have to pay him 10. Thankfully, we teamed up and he lost. He called us cheaters for the rest of the night. We didn't break any rules so we didn't cheat, right?

Here's a photo of the place we ate at in Incheon. Mmm!
The island was nice. People fishing, digging clams, catching crabs. Not crowded. Nice beach. Good place to disappear if you never want to be found again, or if you're a North Korean defector.
And Matt's nuts b'y.
Just imagine, we used to call this guy pitiful...

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