Tuesday, October 09, 2007

If you wanna be great, you gotta do heroin...

The title is a quote from Dave Mustaine. Good philosophy I suppose. Worked for him, and a bunch of other musicians.

Unlike a lot of the others Dave is still alive and picking. The last 10+ years of Megadeth has been pretty much embaressing but the olds albums still tear shit up. They'll be playing here at the end of the month and I'm in. Don't know if I'll find anyone to go with me because most of the people I know here are pussies and not into metal.

Sorry people. That's a sad thing for me to say b'y. But that's the breaks I s'pose, right?

Machine Head will also be playing at the end of the month. I liked them when they first came out then they got all nu-metally and shitty but they've sort of redeemed themselves with their last album or two. Nothing great, but at least it's metal again.

But what I'm truly excited about is the Beyonce and Usher concerts.
I bet the Usher concert will be an awesome place to meet girls...

And fags...

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