Monday, May 19, 2008

True love...

Maybe I've mentioned somewhere before that Korean men like to get completely shitfaced. And I've always maybe mentioned that the Korean culture is much more close and personal than ours back home.

You'll regular see girls (just friends) holding holds walking down the street. It's really cute, and kinda hot.

Personal space is non-existent for the most part, and it's normal to see drunk men in suits stumbling arm in arm walking down the street.

This next picture isn't really typical, but it's nothing shocking. And I can gaurentee you almost 99% that they aren't gay.

They are just wasted "salary men."

Super dude??? Nah...

I came home one night with two Korean girls. One of them is my friend, and the other girl is her friend.

We were out drinking and they just crashed at my house but the old Korean man at the restaurant was damn proud of me.
The next time I went in there he put up two fingers and then made the hand gesture for sex (different in Korea than at home).

Yeah I wish he was right haha...

(I may as well mention the old man and woman at the restaurant. They only work the night shift the so only time I see them is after a night out. She sometimes hand feeds me kimbap when I'm drunk and the old guy tries to get me to slap the old woman on the ass. I'm still working up my courage to do that, but some night I will. )


I bought a shirt today.

It fits perfectly.

Then I read the tag and this is what it said (click the picture and look for the English).

Maybe all of the Korean food is reforming me.

Or I've just been here too long...