Thursday, October 28, 2010

Might get back on the horse...

It's been a long time since I wrote anything here.

Guess things kinda got pretty routine and there wasn't a whole lot that seemed interesting enough to waste my time writing about.

That being said, there probably is a ton of shit I could rant on about here so I might try to get motivated to come back more often.

So what is happening now in Korea.

Some professional Korean basketball team came to my school last week and donated these awesome basketball nets to the school.

Glass backboards and all.

Too bad they are outside on a sand playground.

I went to the corner store near my school the day they were there and I went to the side which is my smoking spot. One of the pro basketball players beat me to my position and was having a smoke there. Tried to talk to the guy but ZERO english. Tallest Korean I've ever seen.

And my band...

Terry, guy in my band, is gone back to Canada today so me and the remaining band members are gonna start a new band... called either "The Stinkeyes" or "Jackshit".

Our drummer thinks Stinkeyes has some kind of anal connotation that I don't immediately pickup on. Yet, he said to me "Man I got a real good band name: 'The Black Joke'.

He was serious.

I think that has more of an overtone of 'nah man can't use that name at all.'