Sunday, November 16, 2008


I went to Club DGBD (AKA Club Drug) with a friend and we watched a Korean rockabilly band called the Rocktigers.

Not really my style, but they are a really fun band to watch live, and the singer is super sexy. There were a lot of foreign guys at the show and I think half of them were there just to watch her. Definitely not a bad idea.

Thankfully my friend is a cute Korean girl so I didn't feel like a big loser there just to watch that girl singing!

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Lorne Oliver said...

Hey Richard,

They are playing there again tonight for the "Rubber Seoul" AIDS awareness set of shows, if you are out and about in Hongdae this weekend.

If you do come to the show, or any other time you are at DGBD, drop by the sound board and say "Hi". Have a good day.