Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Boracay b'y...

I'm super slack writing here. So don't even know if anyone still checks this out, and well, not that concerned about it anyway.

I went to Boracay in January. It's an island in the Philippines that is pretty much paradise. Amazing beach, clear sea, coral reefs, cock fights, cheap rum...

I went with Matt, and we met Lana and Sam there, along with about 10 people from their school. So we had a good crew of East Coast Canadians, and an even better little crew of Newfs.

The only problem was Matt wouldn't stop greasing up his chest and it was kinda embarrassing for the rest of us...

So, what did I do there... Let me think.

Sat on the beach, day and night.

Ate lots of great burgers from a place called jammers.

Had some Chinese kid try to bury my sandals.

Drank a beer or two.

Didn't fuck around because there are security guys everywhere and they are serious.

Swam in the ocean.

Saw Bliss Jeffreys.

Got a retarded sunburn. Maybe one of the worst in the history of mankind.

Went on an afternoon bachelor party boat ride and drank and went scuba diving and visited another island with monkeys that a friend gave beer to and the monkey drank it and got angry when it was gone and threw the bottle back at us.

Went scuba diving for the first, and maybe last, time.

Saw lots of really funny beach kids.

Saw the future Wu-Tang Clan of the Philippines.

Went to the Witch Cafe on the end "other side" of the island. No one was there besides us and it was kinda cool. Some kids lead us there. The oldest kid was smooth. His little sister kept whispering "Ask for money" but he knew how to play his cards. I told him I could hear her and he said "Sir, you have very good ears." We gave them some money.

Watched some cock fights. Intense. The chicken fights weren't as intense as the people betting and yelling and making weird hand signals and throwing money around.

And then I came back to Seoul and went to work 8 hours after I got off the airplane...


Adam said...

Man I check this blog almost every day. Not to many people left who stick it out on the blogs. Facebook is much easier and cooler, which is why I'll never have one.

I can't believe you saw a cock fight, did they strap the blades to the cock's feet? Do they kill & eat the looser?

Anonymous said...

adam, arsehole, i read this and your blog all the time...why'd you delete it? where am i gonna get my fix for japanese robot cartoon opening sequences now?

and yeah, rich, i check this at least every few weeks to see what you've been up to. diggs came in last weekend and we had a retarded night out of it all.


Anonymous said...

Yeah they strap the blades to the birds ankle... And the owner of the winning cock gets to keep the loser's dead cock.

Behind the "arena" they have a little shed where some dirty guys pluck the feathers and hang up the fresh meat.

And, get on Facebook b'y...

Greg... where are you at now?


Adam said...

I deleted it because if you googled my name it was one of the first links that popped up. Not good if you're a teacher in Canada. Same goes for facebook, that and facebook sucks cocks, not rooster cocks but dick cocks.