Saturday, April 04, 2009

What are you looking for there, buddy...

I was on the subway heading to work as usual. I reached in my pocket to grab my mp3 player and change the song but the player slipped out of my hand.

It fell into some ladies bag that was on the floor. She was sleeping.

She was sitting and I was standing so I had to bend down and start going through her bag. My mp3 player is tiny (as seen above... please note I don't wear it on my neck because it is not a fashion accessory) so it wasn't easy to find. Everyone on the train was staring at me probably thinking I was tryna steal something out of her bag because foreigners are evil.

So, after a minute of picking through her shit I found it, held it up in the air for everyone to see, then walked to the next car, which probably made me look even guiltier of stealing her shit.

Maybe that will be my new thing. Dropping my mp3 in someones bag, only if they are sleeping, and then seeing what other shit they have in there that I can steal.

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