Monday, November 08, 2010


Yeah... Koreans aren't exactly polite.

They are hosting some G20 shit that I know nothing about, nor care about. There are police and special security guards in all the subway stations. And lots of comical ads like this that should be up all the time, not only for the G20 Summit...

And on a totally different subject...

Here is a video of an old grandma that attacked a teenage girl on the subway.

Apparently the girl crossed her legs and got a little dirt on grannies pants, then granny got angry. Girl apologized but grandma kept mouthing off. Girl apologized again. Granny still running her mouth. So the girl got snotty and started talking back to granny in the low form of Korean (the language has different levels of respect and a young girl should speak a certain way to an older, especially much older person. The girl didn't. Very rude in Korea). Then granny went psycho.

Worst thing is that everyone around just watched. This is kinda what Koreans do.

I saw a man at the subway station pull back and slap a woman in the face. She was holding his blazer and wouldn't give it to him. Both shouting. So he slapped her again, and again.

Just like the Koreans, I didn't do anything but watch. But I can't understand what they are saying so I don't know the situation. For all I know she may have fucked his brother or best friend or something and (yup gonna say it) may have deserved a slap.

But, I don't know. But the Koreans know. And always choose to do nothing and just watch. Kinda sad.

(dunno why this shit doesn't fit... oh well...)

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