Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Just like home...

I finally had a meal that I enjoyed tonight. Macaroni and cheese and salmon. Much needed.

It's the first time I've been full since I got here. Yesterday's meal was decent too, and they even gave us forks. The meal consisted of a pork patty and battered chicken, both smothered in ketchup. I'm not actually sure it was chicken, but it kinda tasted like it, looked like it, and had a chicken-esque consistency. But who knows, it could have been fish? They served meatballs with one meal, and yup, they were made out of fish.

But on a down note, I'm getting a nasty sinus infection. I usually get about two of these a year but this one is just bad timing. Hopefully it's gone by the time I start work because I don't wanna be calling in sick during my first week.

I can understand why my immune system is weak with the jet lag mixed with my new "diet." At least I brought some sinus pills.

And as a word of warning to all of the frisbee users out there. It is a dangerous sport. One of my Aussie friends busted his leg up pretty bad trying to make a leaping grab the other day. None of us have any health insurance yet so he's hoping it's nothing serious.

I have some great pics I'm gonna post when I get my own internet connection. Not quite sure how I'm gonna do it but I'm gonna look into starting a photo gallery somewhere on this thing we call the world wide web.

Computers still freak me out sometimes you know. I don't really know how people lived without them. I can't imagine looking everything up in books.

And is the word eunuch even in a dictionary?


Airinhead said...

How goes the search for the korean bride? muahaha. Hope you are having a good time!


Richard said...

I'll keep you updated... There's a few of 'em around here I must say...