Saturday, August 26, 2006

Video games are bad for your health...

I've been here a few days now and I'm starting to get hungry. The food ain't that bad but kimchi is. The stuff is disgusting, yet I'm forcing myself to have a mouthful each day. People keep telling me "Man, soon you'll love the stuff and you'll be ordering kimchi pizzas." I'm not sure if I hope they're right or not.

What I really want is some processed food. A chicken nugget or frozen pizza would suffice. The preservative level in my body is running low and I fear what will happen to me when it's totally depleted. We all know what happens to things that aren't preserved.

Okay, enough of the sarcasm already.

Today we had a lesson in Korean language, got into our groups for our presentation, and had a presentation from Korean Tourism. It was all very useful but most people, including myself, were too jet lagged to really stay focused and I think we've scientifically proven that yawning is indeed contagious. My jaws are even sore (sorry, I'm sarcastic by nature and I don't think I can stop).

Tonight we're scheduled to watch a "Traditional Korean film" that begins in four minutes and there's no way I'm gonna make it on time. I'm about five minutes down the road at the PC Bang with a friend and we're both quite content to be computer nerds for a while yet. I know a lot of people who are skipping the film (man, they are truly rebels) so showing up late ain't too bad.

This place (the PC bang) sounds like a war zone. Behind me are a bunch of kids playing some crazy online games that are extremely popular here. There's a rumour that this one kid died at a PC room after four days of chain smoking, not eating, and playing Star Craft (whatever that is).

Well, I'm off to the movie I s'pose. Nothing like a good traditional Korean flick to pass away the evening.

And oh yeah, I saw my first squatter toilet last night at a bar called "Beer Hunt." Unfortunately, nature wasn't calling.

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