Thursday, March 01, 2007

Back to civilization...

Yo. I'm back in Seoul and all ready for work tomorrow. It's impossible for me to express how happy and excited I am to be going back to work so I won't even try...

Before I get going on the vacation, I gotta mention that I went to watch some WBO boxing in here in Seoul before I went to the South East. The fights were decent but expensive. Cost almost $200 Canadian for six or seven fights, but little did I know that the price included a four course meal consisting of salmon sushi, yellow soup, a decent steak, and dessert.

The ring was set up in a giant ballroom in the Lotte Hotel at Lotte World. Strange venue for a boxing card. There were chandeliers on the ceiling and the tables were exquisitely decorated. Everyone was in suits or at least office casual but I showed up with a hoody and jeans. I wasn't expecting a night of luxury, I came to watch people fight.

Anyways, the fighters were mainly Korean, with a few Filipinos thrown in.

All in all a good night, even though I couldn't convince anyone I knew to fork out the cash and go with me.

I makes me wish boxing was still popular like it was 10 years ago. If these fights were UFC or some shit it'd be a whole different story and I'd have a giant posse.

People just don't have the attention span for boxing anymore and would rather watch two men hugging on the ground for 5 minutes until someone lands enough elbows to the face that it is only humane to stop the fight.

Well, dunno what you're into but I can't say into men hugging.

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