Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Petronas Twin Towers...

One of the most impressive things I saw during my trip were the Petronas Twin Towers in KL. This was the highest building in the world until a few years ago. I should clarify that yes, the CN Tower is higher but that's not a "building," it's a "tower" okay?

What makes it even cooler is that Malaysia decided to not only build the tallest building in the world, but to make a pair of them. And then they hired a different company to build the two identical towers and made them race to see who finished first.

They actually did this.

One tower was built by a Japanese company who started a month or two before a Korean company, but the Korean company finished first. Unfortunately, the Korean tower is something like an inch off of being vertical.

Oh, those Koreans...

So you're probably asking yourself what did Richard like about those buildings so much? They are only buildings right?

Well, here's my answer...

These buildings were so deadly that they looked fake. Take a look at this picture. It really looks like someone Photoshopped the towers in the pic.


And besides looking fake, they also looked like they were from the future, or straight out of Gotham City from one of the Batman movies (I'm gonna go with the one with Governor Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze).

Look at this. Truly amazing. It's how I thought the graphics of the N64 were gonna look back in the day.

And at night they look even more futuristic and badass, but it was had to get a good picture (check out the gallery to see a few blurred photos).

The final thing that makes these buildings cooler than any building you'll probably see anywhere else besides a place with big buildings is that these towers can boast that they were the tallest building of the 20th century. That's pretty rad.

It's like people say the Beatles were the best musical group of the 20th century (and we all know how ridiculous that claim is, everyone knows that it was either Color Me Badd or Diddy... I'm leaning on Diddy) but it's impossible to prove. Well, it ain't impossible to prove that you got the tallest building.

You just need a really long measuring tape.

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