Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Every morning I eat two bananas and drink a glass of orange juice at my apartment. I then brush my teeth and head to the corner store to buy the main course of breakfast. Usually it's a ham and cheese sandwich, but sometimes the store only has these crazy disgusting sandwiches that it's impossible for me to describe.

If I don't get my ham and cheese sandwich here, I jump on the bus and go to the corner store next to my school. I've only gotten a ham and cheese sandwich here on one occasion, but it's still worth a shot.

When this happens, I have to go for the second option which is a Bonito Bread. It's just a round piece of bread with some sweet brown stuff in the middle. I'd much rather a ham and cheese sandwich but what can you do?

For the last week or two I haven't been having much luck with the sandwich hunt and I've been eating Bonito Breads almost every morning. Today I finally read the package. This is what it says...

"Bonito is a fresh, elegant and dignified bakery goods for the young generation that the meaning of it is 'pretty', 'cute' in spanish. And it gives value above taste to consumer."

I'm glad to know that the company has it's priorities straight in giving me value above taste. That's how all food products should be? Don't you think?


Anonymous said...

we get all our sandwhiches for school at DiRinnenzos in little Itaily. best goddamned sandwhiches in the fuck'n world. korea sounds gay


Anonymous said...

It is gay when I can't get my ham and cheese... Club sandwiches here kick ass though. They have egg. But I'm sure your greesy Italian sandwiches are enjoyed much more by you because we all know you love having your mouth stogged with salamni.


Anonymous said...

come on man....it's just engrish...or...englean...or whatever.

me, I have one giant bowl of oatmeal, and 1 liter of smootie with 1 banana, blackberries, two scoops of concentrated orange juice, strawberries, usually rice milk or fortified soy milk or soemthing(cause it's so cheap here), and sometimes some ginger, or a bit of protein powder...

sometimes I have bacon and eggs and sausages and toast and beans, but when I do, I usually pass out like 30 minutes after eating it, and wake up all fucked up like 2 hours later...havent had that kinda breakfast in a while.



Anonymous said...

nobody cares about your bullshit hippy breakfast gerg.

"fortified soy, rice milk, smoothie, boners, . . "

we were talking about sandwhiches, lets keep this civilized.


Anonymous said...

Agreed... It always freaked me out at 55 when Greg would be down frying up boners for breakfast... That's half the reason I slept in so much...


Anonymous said...

hey fuckers!

don't knock it till you tried it.

deep fried boners wrapped in bacon are a delicacy not to be taken lightly by treacherous tyrants of your ilk. I take mine with a half teaspoon of grey poupon.