Friday, November 09, 2007

Hello lasik...

Yesterday was Friday and it was a school holiday. In all of his glory, the principal planned a big outing that day for the teachers. Most teachers just wanted to stay home because these outing are a 12 hour ordeal. I was willing to do that stuff last year but this year I feel much less inclined to participate so I needed an out.

I found it.

I made an appointment at the Dream Eye Center in Myeongdong. I've been thinking about getting the laser surgery to correct my vision so this is the first step. You have to find out if you're eligible for the surgery by under going numerous tests during first consultation. If all goes well, you can then make your appointment anytime after.

I went there at 2:00 and was out by 4:00. First, they did a number of regular vision tests, then some stranger ones. They tested me for astigmatism, cornea thickness, pupil size, cornea symmetry, eye pressure, and some other things I don't remember the names of.

They put a two different drops in my eyes. One drop was an anesthetic which enabled her to poke at my eyes with a pencil-like machine to test for some crap. The other drops inhibited my pupils from working so they were really dilated. Again, this allowed them to do some other tests that I can't explain.
I looked like this for about seven hours after the tests. It didn't matter if I was in a dark room or light room, my eyes looked like this.

My vision was also blurry for a few hours and that's normal. I could barely read text's messages on my phone, and texting has become an integral part of my life these days. How lame is that?

Anyway, all is well with my eyes. My cornea kicks some serious ass with it's thickness, and my pupils are well above average size. This isn't really a good thing for the surgery because it means the results will be better if they use the "Wavefront" machine for my surgery. This cost's a little extra money, but I'll be able to see through girls shirts so it'll be worth it.

So here's what they're gonna do to me when I go through with the surgery. You can click the numbers and it shows you the steps. They say it's pain free and it takes just a few hours to heal. Technologay is awesome... I think...

Yeah, and you know what they say about guys with big pupils.


Anonymous said...

they say their eyes get like that from too much lame text messaging. that pic makes you look like a psycho killer dickie.

Richard said...

Who's this? Greg or AC? Leave a name b'y...

... and textin' ain't lame, it's necessary. I wouldn't understand that myself until I came here.

You haven't you ever tried talking to a Korean on the phone. Virtually impossible.

Anonymous said...

it's ac, I never thought of talking to koreans . . . whatever it's pretty lame here.