Wednesday, November 21, 2007

May I make an observation...

I've finally gotten around to sending some pictures from my cell phone to my computer. I was really surprised with the size and quality of the pictures. Kinda makes me wish I used my phone to take a lot more pictures of stupid shit.
This is probably the manliest sign I've ever seen outside a men's bathroom. I felt super-hetero walking in there...
Keeping to a toilet related theme, this truck was on the edge of Olympic Park. It was kinda like a play area for kids. Children here love shit, as you can see by the dude's hat and his finely tailored Brutus The Barber Beefcake styled pants. Ddong, as you know, means shit. '97 was a good year for feces here in S-K.
I went to one of the many Woodstock bars with a friend. This particular one was in Sincheon (near Jamsil) and the place was empty. We sat around for about five minutes contemplating stealing guitar amps when finally the bartender arrived. Turns out he was the owner and he played. He plugged in his guitar, turned on some amps, and finally put on his aviator sunglasses. Then he played a few tunes, the best one being a song titled "Michelle" that is about a foreign girl he has a crush on.

This dude was about 50 years old. He didn't look it.

He tried to call Michelle and get me to talk to her but thankfully she never picked up. After that me and him jammed for half an hour or so switching from drums to bass (he had no electric guitar there). Decent laugh, but our styles didn't mix too well. I'd like to back sometime with an electric and blow a few of his amps some night.
This is a homeless guy I saw. He was walking up the sidewalk and suddenly stopped and started talking to the ground. One of the few times I really wish I spoke Korean.
Now, back to the theme. Me and Matt were out around not drinking one night and came across this in one of the subway stations near Olympic Park. Can't remember the station name right now. Anyway, I didn't have to piss but I made the extra effort to use "Seoul Best Toilet 2000." The effort was definitely worth it.

Just a little sidenote. I'm gonna go to Beijing for a few days during Christmas with my cuz Karen and some of her co-workers. It's gonna be freezing there but the trip is cheap and there's just about no way it won't be interesting. China kinda mildly scares the hell outta me for some reason.

Maybe it has something to do with that one stray hair on the chin of the old lady who worked at the Tai Lee Family Restaurant in Dar Lake. The one 12 millimeter hair that was always there until one day I found a black 12 millimeter hair in my Chi-Besso.

Valid reason to fear a country if there ever was one right?


Anonymous said...

Can't say you'd ever see me in china. it just strikes me as one big money making north korea. don't think I could ever relax there. oh yeah, I won a cruise, like for real.


Anonymous said...

Where does the cruise go? 'Round Lake Ontario or sumthin'? Fishin' trip? Canoe ride? Water skiing lessons? Skippin' water?

You ever see that movie "Cruising" with Al Pacino? Hope it ain't that kinda cruise...

Be weary man,,,


Anonymous said...

to the bahamas man, i won it through this food & wine show that I went to last month. it's totally legit, and i'm fucking going. rubbing shoulders with wanker golfers and pretending I'm rich & stuff. I plan on dressing like a total asshole too.