Sunday, August 31, 2008


I just got back to Korea less than a week ago. I spent three great weeks back in Newfoundland and I had a better time home than I could have imagined. Enough of my friends were around and the Deer Lake bar scene is kind of retarded in it's own messed-up small town way.

There are also ridiculous bar specials such as "Toonie Tuesday" where one bar has three drinks for five bucks and the other bar has two dollar drinks all night.

The Rockwood has three for five and you get some sketchy peeps there every Tuesday. My parents and brother refer to that crowd as "Skully Monsters." I'm not sure what that means but it fits.

I don't know where most of those people crawled out of, but man, it must have been a dark, deep hole. I've never felt intimidated in DL but this crowd makes me uneasy.

Some other night is ladies night and girls drink there for two bucks or less. I can't keep track.

And at the other bar they have "Beat the Clock." $1.65 a drink and the price goes up by ten cents each hour or something.

It's cheaper to drink at the bar then buying your booze at the store...

But, it's probably much much safer to just buy your booze at a store and drink at home...

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