Thursday, August 28, 2008


I have been lazy...

I'm gonna try to write a few things in here now that I've been to Canada for my summer vacation and I moved to a new neighborhood in Seoul.

The new 'hood is called Wangsimni and it's kinda seedy and pretty much the exact opposite of where I lived before. And my apartment/officetel pretty much kicks ass.

I have a Samsung computer toilet. More on that later.

There is also a Subway restaurant around somewhere. I saw it when I was apartment hunting and can't seem to find it. A Korean friend sent me a map so hopefully I'm smart enough to find it.

I also have a new co-teacher at my school, and a new after-school co-teacher.

While I was in Canada, the principal fired my old after-school co-teacher (she was awesome and so was her English... my principal is a dick) and he hired some lady with very very average English (and I'm being nice).

I said this to a teacher at my school and 2 hours later I was told I had to do an interview with the lady who was the school's second choice.

I interviewed here (awkward) and her English was much better. So she got the job and the other lady got fired before she even started working.

I feel awful about all of this but that's life in ULTRA-competitive Korea.

And my vacation home was great. More on that later too.
I'm too lazy to write about it now...

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