Friday, February 01, 2008

Racial superiority...

Im bored at work again. No afternoon classes for the past two days and time is dripping by.

Ive discovered a few interesting things during my extended internet scouring.

1. Koreans are the smartest, most sophisticated and best educated people.

2. Koreans are culturally superior compared to other countries.

Just click the links for proof of both.

HANMI Semiconductor chairman and CEO Kwak Noh-kwon is a smart guy. Heres what he said:

"While I was traveling around the world conducting semiconductor business for over 40 years, I realized Koreans are the smartest, most sophisticated and best educated people. They are just right for the semiconductor business."

"But what I am sure of is that if we rule the semicon(ductor) industry, we can rule the world, just like human's brain rules the whole body."


If Hitler only focused on semiconductors instead of wiping out those pesky Jews

Next, we have Han Kyung-koo, a professor with Kookmin University's Division of International & Area Studies. This is what he has to say to say about Korean culture and superiority:

These days, too, contemporary South Korean society treats people from advanced regions, such as the U.S. and Europe, very differently from those from developing countries. Foreign workers and spouses are suffering discrimination not because of our society's notion of pure-bloodedness, but because of our society's preposterous sense of cultural superiority over their countries.

It will not be enough to break away from ideas of pure-bloodedness or the mythology of ethnic homogeneity because our society's racial attitudes and biases are more deeply rooted than this. The problem is our tendency, based on a preposterous sense of superiority, to thoughtlessly despise and discriminate against foreigners merely because they are different from us and their income is less.

Alright, agreed with you right up until that last sentence. My income is the same as a Korean teacher, buddy. AND, your government is paying my rent, so I guess that means Im making more loot than my Korean co-workers.

Suck on that Professor.

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