Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I've been slack here... So I'm just gonna copy and paste some emails I sent people about what I'm up to all the time... Here goes... This might be rather dry... If you wanna read in order start at the bottom...

January 28th

Yesterday I went to Kyobo at Jamsil and bought a book about Hong Kong. I was gonna buy the big China version but I thought I didn't wanna carry that around with me on my trip. There was a Korean-American girl there with a notepad reading the same China Lonely Planet book as me. She had too many notes made. She said she never buys the books. She just goes to the bookstore for an hour or two and makes notes from the book.

I think she is typical Korean. She loves studying so much that she enjoys making notes and acting like a student. I think she was offended when I jokingly said that to her.

I should have asked her if she ever heard of those places called libraries...

January 22nd

Today I went skating with the kids at my school English camp. It's fun being the best skater on the whole ice rink.

I also booked my tickets to Hong Kong for February when my Diggz comes. Gonna meet my Sam from DL in Hong Kong because she lives in a nearby city so she can take care of us. That means I barely have to plan anything because she's gonna book the places for us to stay and take us around the city! That's my kind of travelling.

So we're gonna spend the weekend in Hong Kong then go to Shenzhen. That's the city where Sam lives. She has to work, but her Phillopino boyfriend works at a bar in the bar district so we can hang out in that area and meet him when he finishes work, if I'm not too wasted. Once again, no planning.

Then we'll head back to Hong Kong for a few days on our own. So gotta make some plans for those couple days, or but a Lonely Planet book.

God, I really really really really wanna go out and drink. All this camp and sick stuff has gotten the better of me. I've been at camp for two weeks, then I got sick the weekend I came back. I haven't seen Matt or Karen in weeks so it should be good to see them, especially Matt because I still haven't heard about his trip to Canada.

I'm pretty sure I can predict what he did there...

Unknown Date

Very weird.I'm listening to this band called Windir. A folk metal band from Norway. The singer died when he was 25 walking to his families cabin in the forest. I was reading the lyrics to the album that he wrote when he was 22 or 23. Creepy...
A fate, a destiny,
an inevitable early death
Finally I'm dead,
And the vision is revealed for everyone else

Dying with sorrow not in hand,
Welcoming my gods, an equal I am,
A travel awaits before me,
Encircled as a God, dead as a man
He must have been listening to a lot of Biggie and 'Pac 'cause he knew, just like two of the b'ys, that his time was coming...

January 17th

I'm back from ENGLISH camp!!!!!!!!!!!!


But a little bored because everyone I know has to work because they don't work in public schools so I don't have much to do. Last night I went to the Wa Bar near my home and drank with my bartender friend. She drank a lot while she was working. It was fun!

My apartment is such a mess!!! I still haven't really unpacked from camp and there is stuff everywhere. When you live in a box it doesn't take much to create a bad state.

Some students asked for my email address so I gave it to them. I already have about five emails from students. One kid already sent me three emails. He said "Why didn't you write back to me yet!" He sounds angry. But I'm not writing them back until next week because I don't want to think about those kids. Then after that, never writing to them again. Trying to forget the most of the last 2 weeks of my life!!!

The last night at camp we all went out for dakgalbi (spicy chicken... GOOD), beer , and soju. Then we went to a noraebang and it was so much fun. One of the foreign teachers called Jin a dickhead. We had two seperate rooms and when Jin would come in our room we (foriegners) would all leave and go to the other room. But we started smoking in our room so all of the Koreans left only and one or two stayed. One of the Korean teachers is such a giant flirt!! She liked all of the weigooks (foreigners) so much, but she has a boyfriend. She was the best thing about camp.

Everyone left the noraebang at about 2:30 so me and the foreigners went around the town stealing firewood. We had so much wood and our fire was burning until 5am! We were so drunk and happy and angry all at the same time! Happy to be going home... Angry about Jin and the old men who were yelling at us last time. One of the weigooks got crazy and started knocking over the barBQ and picnic tables and benches and just breaking stuff. So we shortly left because all of us were starting to go crazy.

We also bought a bunch of fireworks and put on a show for the students the last night. They loved it!!!

Today, I ordered 2 pizzas from the same place. I got my co-worker to call and order and the delivery guy just laughed at me because it was the same guy both times. DELICIOUS!!!!

Freedom is great...

January 10th


I really need to get out of here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just when things seem to be going good, something bad happens.

Last night, me and the weigooks had the night off so we had a fire by the river near of prison. We lit the fire with Pringles chips but we didn't have enough wood. Matt, the Aussie, went looking for wood and he broke into someones shed and came back with wood!!! He said the wood was actually a part of the shed. I don't know...

Then we wanted to sit down so we saw a bench in someones garden. So Matt went to get the bench and when he was walking with it, the old man came home and got out of his car and started yelling at Matt. Matt tried to explain we were just going to sit on it and put it back but he just kept yelling...

Then we bought MANY fireworks and shot them at the bridge!!!!! About an hour later a different old man came and started yelling at us and we were a little drunk by now so we started yelling back at him. Everyone was just yelling but no one understood anything... So he left.

Then we tried to cook frozen pizza on the fire but that didn't work?!?! Stupid weigooks...

When we came back to the prison it was midnight. We went in the staff room and the Koreans were having a party but they didn't tell us?!!?!?!??!? AHHHHHH a Korean teacher just snuck up behind me and scared the shit out of me while I am typing... She's one of the nice teachers...

Anyway... we went in the staff room and they looked so surprised that we were there. We started drinking their beer but we didn't really feel welcomed but we stayed anyway...

Now, on to Jin. So Jin apparently has a crush on my co-teacher. I actually had a crush on her when I taught with her this summer but now she has a boyfriend, and she isn't as cute. Jin is about 40 years old and she is 25. Jin is also married, but he is always kind of following her around and trying to sit by her. So, because I hate him, I decided I'm always going to flirt with her when he's around.

So I came into the staff room last night and there was no room on the table by her (Alice) but I went and told her to move over and sat by her. Jin looked so angry. Then I kept going "cheers" and drinking and joking with her, just to make him angry. He looked so cold. Next, I congratulated Jin for his wedding anniversary that was only a few days ago and said "you are so lucky to be so happily married."

I'm an asshole, but he deserves it.

Jin, and this camp, make me kind of hate Korea a little bit. All of us weigooks just complain about Korea and the culture when we are here because we are treated like 2nd class people at this camp (kind of, well, not really... hard to explain).

I just can't wait to get back to SEEEEEOUUUUUUUULLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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