Tuesday, January 29, 2008

How muchee...

This morning was awkward.

I got to the bus stop a little bit late so I thought maybe I would be late for school. I was waiting for a couple of minutes, then I saw a familiar looking man coming to the bus stop. It was my vice-principal!

I've never seen him at my bus stop before. He knew he was a little late too, and he knew I was a little late. He asked how long I was waiting in his broken English ('Bus. Wait. How muchee?') and I said 10 minutes. Really, I was just there a minute or two but I didn't want him thinking I was late. I wanted him to think the bus was late.

Then we waited together and it was the longest 7 or 8 minutes I've had in Korea. He speaks no English, but I felt rude being there with him listening to music so I took out one headphone, but then I couldn't properly enjoy my morning music. The song I was listening to had the guitar and bass and vocal harmonies and on different channels so I only go half the song. Maybe it would have been better if I took out the left ear, not the right.

So the bus finally comes and we get on. Then we have to transfer to another bus but it pulled out in front of us so we couldn't catch that bus. So we went one more stop to catch another bus. We should have went one extra stop, then we wouldn't have to walk to transfer but he wanted to get off one stop before. Then we had to cross the road and run because the bus was coming. Thankfully, I was with an old Korean man because the driver stopped way before the stop and picked us up. That wouldn't happen for me.

Thankfully there weren't two open seats next t o each other so I didn't have to sit by him.

Played 'The Price is Right' all morning with my grade four kids. My students liked this picture...

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