Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Ching chang chong...

Got back from China a few days ago but I've been drinking every night since I've gotten back so no time to write anything... Well, I have time, just too hungover.

I'm hungover now of course, but I gotta go to English Camp tomorrow for two weeks so I thought I'd write something now.

New Years Ever last night. I met Kyu at Woodstock for a few drinks and then headed up to Jenn and Gavin's apartment. Karen met me there too. It was a big Newfy party. Almost everyone there was a Newf, besides maybe three or four people.

When I got to Jenn's, I started drinking somac (soju and beer mixed). I got pretty drunk and left kinda early. Not sure what time, but it wasn't too late.

I woke up in the taxi and he was just driving around my neighborhood waiting for me to wake up. The taxi was about ten bucks more than it should have been!!

I stepped out of the cab and started throwing my guts up. For some reason I just kept walking and barfing. I'm not sure why I didn't stop. Maybe it was too cold or something.

So that was New Years. All in all, total success!

And now, Christmas in China.

China was fun. Did all the touristy shite like the Great Wall and Forbidden City and some temple. Went to the big market and bought a bunch of fake stuff. Got three pairs of Jordans for about 70 bucks. Two pairs are fine but one pair isn't. The right shoe is about a cm bigger than the left.

Stupid Chinese goods...

The paint is starting to come off of the shoes I've worn only twice.

Stupid Chinese goods...

Gotta expect that I s'pose.

What else did we do. Went to lots of bars and found the cool back alley bars. We went to this area called Sanlitun (I think) . We kinda lucked out because we had no idea where to go so we stopped this white girl on the street. She gave us the lowdown and told us to go to The Rickshaw bar. Once we found that bar everything else fell into place.

It was definitely an expat hangout so got some go info there, although we didn't get this info until the second night. So we spent our first night on the main strip there getting harrassed by Chinese dudes on the sidewalk tryna get you to go to their bar. Every bar was essentially the same on that strip. They all had live music. Most bands were comprised of one or two hot Chinese girls singing, with an old guitar player and keyboardist.I think I was falling in love with both of those girls, especially the silver girl! They were so cute. They really weren't into it at all, and they be playing with their hair or looking at their nails. The silver chick sang the last song and by then she was giviner. Sexy sexy sexy girl!

After getting brutally overcharged there, we went looking for the back alley bars. We were actually in the right area but it was just so dead that we thought it couldn't be the right place. The next day we were talking to some diplomats at The Rickshaw. They told us some cool bars and they knew their shit. These bars were pretty awesome and that's where we spent x-mas night. Bar Blu and the China Doll.

I met these two cute Chinese girls at Bar Blu and danced with them all night. One of them spoke decent English because she is majoring in English. I got their phone numbers and was supposed to hang out with them the next day, but in my drunken mess I lost their numbers. Shitty deal!!! They wanted me to come hang out at their university which would have been super cool. They both lived the dorm there so I could have potentially stayed there with them. Ah, I don't wanna talk about it?!!?

Well, I gotta get ready for English Camp now, so I'll write some more later. For now, check out the Facebook to see my picture story of China.

Happy New Year ya pricks!

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Anonymous said...

I went to an all newf new years too, it was in vanier(van-yay), a trashy french neighbourhood. There were people there from every town except DL, oh and Pasadena, thank fuck'n god. There was a Hot tub, guitar hero, and whole chickens cooked on the bbq. no puking though. cheers dude.