Thursday, January 17, 2008

Home free...

Oh fack... Just got back from two weeks in English Camp Hell.


As expected...

One of the Korean teachers, a 37 year old man named Jin, was a total dickhead, and I had to work with him on a club performance.

The club practices were supposed to be one hour a day, but this guy made the kids meet after lunch and each day the kids practiced for about 2-2.5 hours. No other club did this. Pissed me off because the kids were tired and just wanted to play with their friends.

Also, he might be a closet fag. In Korea there's this song called "Tell Me" by a group called Wonder Girls. Picture a 16 year old version of the Spice Girls with, dare I say, less talent. For some reason, this 37 year old man knows the "Tell Me" dance. That is definitely questionable.

Jin Jin Jin.

He also monopolized the stage even when he wasn't using it so no other groups could practice. He knocked over a snowman that grade 5 girls made. He had an annoying voice. He was married but was constantly flirting with my cute co-teacher who is just 25. He learned to play guitar after a previous English camp because another teacher played guitar and his wife was impressed by that dude. He called one of the foreign teachers rude because she was waiting for 25 minutes to use the stage and he just had his kids sitting on the stage talking to them.

I had already had a run-in with him before but the rude comment really pissed me off. The first time I told him that it is unfair to the kids because he's making them work too hard and taking away too much of their free time. I questioned his motivations for doing this, telling him I thought that he just wanted to show everyone up during the performance and that it's not a competition. I pretty much told him I thought he was a selfish prick without saying that.

Then I told the supervisor all of this, but she's been friends with him since high school. Anway.

After the rude comment, I pretty much said the same things again, but by now he had pissed many people off and I told him he was completely inconsiderate to anyone else's needs. I told him I thought he was a smug prick who used "Korean Culture" as his scapegoat for any problems he had with the foreigners.

I then went to the supervisor and told her I will never teach another camp again if Jin is there. I told her she wasn't doing a good job at this camp compared to last year, and the other foreign teacher told her the same thing (and that teacher has much more experience and clout than me). I told the supervisor she put us in uncomfortable situations by asking us if we were having problems with Korean teachers while Korean teachers were in the room. I told her the Korean teachers didn't speak barely any Korean last year when the foreigners were around, but this year they were mostly speaking Korean in the staff room. I told her we don't like it when they speak in their secret code and then we hear our names in their conversations.

So that was that.

I put up with him the rest of camp and barely spoke a word to him even though we worked together for almost 2 hours each day.

The kids at camp were great, just like last year. My class of girls were less snobby so that was nice, and my boys were kinda pansies (but kicked ass at soccer) so they were no trouble.

My co-teachers were much better this year. I worked with both of them at a summer camp, and the young teacher Jin liked is extremely cute, so that made my days more enjoyable.

We had a foreigner party by the river one night. We had no wood so the Aussie broke into a shed and came back with some lumber that he actually tore from the shed. It was the shed. Then he went to borrow a bench from some dudes garden and the dude came home and got out of his car freaking out. Funny.

Then another old man came freaking out at us but by now we were drunk and lacking respect. We tried to say "It's ok" etc. but he kept freaking so a few choice words were flung his way.

The last night of camp we went out to dinner, then to a noraebang, then to the river again. This time, we knew where to get wood. One morning we went on a bike ride and I scoped out a dude splitting wood near the river. Soooo, we borrowed a little wood from him and had a kick-ass fire until 5 in the morning.

It's good to be back to civilization and back to a place where the food isn't utter shit.

That's it for now. Maybe I'll eventually write something more about China but meh... Probably not. Just look at the Facebook.

I ain't down with redundancy...

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