Sunday, February 11, 2007

Toilet strife...

Here at school with no classes and nothing to do.

I really need to take a shit but there's no toilet paper in the stall with the western toilet. Of course all of the squatters have T.P. I hate walking through the hall with a roll of T.P. in my hand. It's kinda weird when everyone knows that in a few seconds you'll be sitting on the can cranking out a crapper.

And once again, I'm left out of the loop about things.

Today I have dinner after school with the subject teachers but I wasn't told until today. Last Thursday I postponed one of my private lessons to this evening, and now I have to cancel it because no one told me about dinner. I don't mind missing the lesson but I know my students really wanna study because I'm gone for two weeks on vacation.

Nothing else to whine about.

Now I just gotta man up, grab a roll of paper, and trudge through the hallway and hope the last person on the can flushed.

Then I gotta cancel my lesson for tonight.

And next, well, then I dunno.

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