Sunday, February 04, 2007


I called in sick this morning so I could watch the Superbowl.

Prince played did the half-time show and while I was watching I became curious as to when Prince first busted onto the musical scene. Turns out his first major label album was released in 1978.

But this is all way besides the point.

I looked for this info on Jonathan Jacob's favorite website, Wikipedia. As I was skimming through the two introductory paragraphs, I was stopped in my tracks by the sentence. "Prince is also known as being a giant faggot nigger" or something like that.

I was taken aback by this and I knew it had to be some type of mistake or hacker type thing with Wikipedia. Sure enough, I tried the site a few hours later and that sentence had disappeared but everything else in the bio was the same.

And now I ask you this Jacobs... How in the world can you dislike Wikipedia?

And yeah, Peyton Manning finally won a Super Bowl. And yeah, I still don't like the guy. He's far too white, and I ain't much a fan of "giant faggot whities."

Go Pats!!!


Anonymous said...

"Jacobs is also known as being a giant faggot nigger"

Does that faggot nigger have a blog?


Anonymous said...

He had a blog but he never writes there anymore... Oh yeah, you had a blog too and you don't write in it anymore.