Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dream weaver...

Had a strange dream last night.

Varg Vikernes was released from prison and started using Facebook. I added him as my friend and he told me he was moving to South Korea to teach English. He thought he could remain annonymous in SK.

I go to his house and this British guy I know is there. Tom is his name. There's also some long-haired metal head who I know playing guitar but I can't remember who it was.

Anyway, Varg tells me he's self-releasing a DVD. He asks me if I want a free copy and of course I say yes.

He enthusiastically tells me about the special packaging, then goes to a room and comes back with a neon pink baseball cap. I look inside and there is a pocket containing the cd. The cd itself is wrapped in tinfoil.

I woke up before I had a chance to watch the DVD which sucks.

So all in all, that was a pretty awesome dream.

When I fell back asleep my next dream wasn't as enjoyable.

My toilet became clogged and there was shit pumping out of it and I had no plunger so I tried plunging with a broom. The effort was futile.

There was kinda like a big cabin-like thing out side of my building across a large field. I ran there to get a plunger but it was gone, and there was shit spewing from that toilet as well.

I wonder what it all means...

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Anonymous said...

you ever read his website? it's not a facebook, but it's almost a blog. he posts his "writings" on it, and they're all just about germanic superiorty and "how it applies to todays world." I can no longer find the link though, sucks.