Monday, April 23, 2007

The third biggest city in Newfoundland...

If Fort Mac is the second biggest city in Newfoundland, I'm starting to think that Seoul is the third biggest.

Saturday was awesome in its strangeness.

Went to Hongdae with Jenn and Gavin. We're walking down the street and we bump into some random dude who I've seen around MUN before.

Then later we're at the bar above Club FF and Spence meets us there with some new teachers his school just hired. Three more Newfs.

I then run into one of the SMOE teachers I know and he comes over to me and is like "That girl over there is from Newfoundland." I got talking to her and tell her there's a bunch of Newf's over in the corner so she comes over with me. Turns our her and Jenn were in Harlow together, the MUN campus in England.

Shortly after this I'm near Gavin and he's like "I think that's Dave Skinner's sister" (whom I don't know) and sure enough it was, another Newf.

By this time I'm getting kinda drunk but I know there was more Newfs, or at least people who went to MUN.

Taking over the world, and like my PC self has said before, Newfs are like Jews without enemies... totally over represented where ever you go.

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