Monday, August 13, 2007

Back in China...

So I just got back to Korea. Had a decent time back home for sure. One of the best things was hearing this question all the time...

"Richard b'y, heard your over in China or sumthin'?"

Yup, I'm in China. It's all the same.

Too bust and jet lagged and tired to write much anytime soon. Teaching an English camp now and trying to re-adjust to the working life.

I also had my external hard drive stolen from my checked in luggage on my way to Canada.


Lost a looooooooooot of shit. All my music, all the music I recorded. A bunch of pictures. A friend put it best when he said losing data is like losing a limb cause you ain't ever getting it back.

If anyone got anything I ever recorded, lemme know so I can get it from you.

And to make matters worse, I also had the special USB cable for my MP3 player in the same box so now I can't even change the songs the thing. Fuck right off b'y!

Airport workers are scabs that deserve to be picked.

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