Thursday, August 30, 2007

Way to go b'ys, I mean brothers and sisters...

So the Taliban freed those South Koreans. From what I've been reading and hearing from genuine Koreans, those people weren't Christian Aid workers but instead missionaries.

What kind of retards go to Afghanistan on a Christian Mission???? That would be like going to Africa (Not South Africa ;P) looking for new Ku Klux Klan recruits. Just a terrible idea.

Some Koreans I know don't feel much sympathy for those who were kidnapped. One girl even said something along the lines of "Why don't they just stay and die. Martyrdom is a part of their religion." Yes, she was talking about the S. Korean Christians, not the Afghaners.

Here is a link to another blog. I met this guy a couple times a long time ago but I'm not going to say I know him. Anyway, the pictures he's collected and posted on that page are interesting. If you try to search for those pictures within Korea, you won't find them. The government has actually censored these photos out of respect for the families.

I think that is bullshit and the Korean government wants the Korean people to think these dummies were aid workers and not irrational Christians.

But what do I know right?

So now to the thing I intended to write about...

The S. Korean government actually made a deal with the Taliban to free these people. The deal goes something like this...

The decision to free all 19 remaining hostages followed a deal struck Tuesday between South Korean officials and Taliban representatives in which Seoul reaffirmed its pledge to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan by the end of the year and to suspend South Korean Christian missionary work there.

Seoul claims it was going to pull the troops at this time anyway. And to be clear, I don't think they are even ground troops, just some type of support, I'm not sure.

So Korea may have set a terrible precedent here and given new life to the Taliban. "Kidnapping works so let's kidnap everyone!!!!!!!!!"

But I'm not going to directly blame the S. Korean government. That finger should be pointed at those Christians for going there in the first place, ignoring multiple warnings from Seoul, and ignoring their god-given brains and better judgement.

Yup, God can sure be a hassle sometimes can't he b'ys...

And I'd like to smack this guy in the mouth... There's really no need to go fucking around with monks. No need at all.

I wanna say something about Thich Quang Duc, but I just can't fit in in so here's the picture anyway.

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