Thursday, August 30, 2007


Yesterday I had an open class. 25 new foreign teacher were invited to watch as apart of their orientation. I did the same thing before I started teaching at my school last year.

You guys well done today, I'm very proud of you also I've learned some good ideas from your class.. The supervisor from Kangdong OE (office of education), made a phone call to me and said your class was so great, she gave thanks to you two.. She asked me don't forget to tell you that you two people were chosen specially by SMOE (Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education). I asked back her that is true and she was sure about it..

So I searched public document once again, I could confirm that just 3 districts of OE (There are 11 districts OE in Seoul) and 4 schools (And also over 100 NTs work at each Seoul) were chosen..

It must be honorable to you, uh?

Now, get some rest...


One more thing I want to say to you, school principal and two vice principals are extremely sensitive these days because of school accident(1-4 child)

Be careful.

So apparently I'm pretty awesome kick some serious ass when it comes to teaching. Someday I'll be the ruler of this land.

And if by "rest" you mean "go get drunk" then sure!

You can count on that, uh?


Jon said...

"school accident(1-4 child)"???

Our school's bus hit a kid one day and broke his leg.

Anonymous said...