Thursday, August 16, 2007

A good string of bad luck...

I lost my wallet in a taxi a few days ago. The good luck is still rolling...

I don't care about the 50 bucks I lost. I'm much more irritated by the fact that I lost all my I.D. and cards, plus god knows what else I had stuffed in there.

On the up side, I lucked out at camp and was teamed with the cutest teacher there. If it wasn't for her, camp wouldn't be as good. Losing the hard drive, then the wallet hasn't exactly put me in the best mood.

But I gotta admit the English camp has been fun. I'm the lead foreign teacher at the camp and tomorrow it's all done. Then I have another camp at my school next week. I know my school camp won't be as fun as this one because there are a lot less teachers and students at my school camp, plus I already know all the kids. It's more fun when you don't know the kids, and the kids don't know you.

There's this one girl at my current camp named Ally. This camp is for disadvantaged kids so many of them aren't the best students and it's quite likely that this is the first time they've ever experienced such a camp.

So this Ally girl, she can never get my name straight. Every time I see her I ask her "What's my name?" and her answers get progressively better. Reet, Reeksar, Ratch, Ratcher... She almost got it right today and called my Richy. That's the closest she's gotten yet.

On another topic, my school wants me to teach an extra 10 afterschool classes a week. I'm all for it but there is a possibility that they will interfere with my holidays. I told my school that there's no way I'm taking the job if it means I can't leave the country during my holidays because I gotta teach those afterschool classes.

But, on the other hand, if I do take this job and everything pans out with the private lessons I supposedly have lined up for September, than I could theoritically be making over $4000 Canadian a month tax free.

That's just as good or better than the oil patch suckas. Just gotta see what happens...

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