Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Back in the driver's seat...

I solved a lot of my problems today. I've wrote a bunch of blogs. They are below.

I got ESPN back at my school. I can log into my blog. I can go to NBA.com. I've practically beat the whole friggin' system mang.

Thanks to some dude on the SMOE message board, I found a program that will get you through any content filter. Here's the advice the guy gave me and it worked.

"the easiest way to unblock anything has got to be tor.

install the tor software then the torbutton extension for firefox and you're done.

after your set, you'll see, in red, 'tor disabled' in the firefox statusbar at the bottom of the firefox window. click it, it turns green and reads 'tor enabled'. now you're unblocked. myspace works no need for plugins on youtube. everything should be good. click it again to disable tor and go back being blocked.

the one bad thing is that it slows your access down a little bit but since it's so easy to turn on and off it doesn't really bother me."

So to all of the people out there tryna watch porn at work but your network won't let you, install these little programs and you're home free.

Well, until your boss catches you beating the old hot dog...

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