Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Welfare 2006...

The plan fell apart. Im not sure where it all went wrong.

I remember back at MUN and maybe in Deer Lake our big plan. It was called Welfare 2006. That was the year my friends and I were all gonna graduate from university and then take a break together. Some people go on a graduation trip, say to Mexico or somewhere, and others go back to their hometown, and some immediately start looking for jobs. Our plan was different.

Here is the idea. We planned on getting on da welfare and just chilling out, drinking, playing video games and such, for a year. Wouldnt that be nice? After slaving away at university (ha, yeah right) for four or five years, Itd be nice to take a year to recharge on the government tab.

It didnt quite work out and I dont even know if any of my friends got on da welfare! We always had troubles accomplishing our goals!

Now I have friends who are nurses, teachers, geologists, doctors, carpet cleaning technicians, airplane mechanics, businessmen, pipe fitters, haul truck drivers, car salesmen, Army Commanders, and engineers.

The closest thing Ive got to Welfare 2006 being realized is happening in Alberta I guess. I know people who have become crack heads. Thats kinda welfare. I know people living in trailer parks. Thats kinda welfare (although, not really in Alberta). I know people who live in Ponoka. That at least sounds kinda welfare. I know people who see people living in RV campers using piss jugs. Thats really welfare. And I know lots of people who sit around playing video games all day. Thats not that welfare, but it was a part of the Welfare 2006 manifesto.

So while I dont consider myself to be a complete failure in life, I will always be living with regret knowing that I did not accomplish my one true dream

Welfare 2006

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