Thursday, March 06, 2008


I'm usually pretty heartless but this story in the Korean Herald struck me.

Some random American teaching here in Seoul got severely burned by a fire in his apartment building. His Korean girlfriend died in the fire as well (this isn't in the article, but it's apparently true). The medical bill is gonna be at least $100,000 US.

I even made a donation. It's the first time I've ever made a donation.

I started reading the comments after the article to see if I could find out more. There sure are some sour Koreans out there. I'm not generalizing here, and most Koreans are best kind. I know some Koreans don't like foreigners because we are more handsome and steal their women, but some people actually have the gall to bitch on this dude who is almost dead, lying in a hospital bed with burns on 70 percent of his body. I'm not gonna paste their comments here because they make me too angry and disgusted.

I am gonna paste one comment made by a Korean though.

skella ( 03-07-2008 01:22
I am sure that happened by arson. Dont come Korea if possible. They are very clever.And they hate foriegners. And the Samsung problem is the secret that everybody knows except under elementary school child, like santa. Have a good day. And I like you Americans very much. At least you guys are very naive compared to Koreans. Have a safe day and dont come to Korea if possible.

Shit like that. What the fuck is that all about? And the Samsung problem?? At least you guys are very naive compared to Koreans???

It's time like this when I don't feel Canadian, I feel North American. I'll take my jabs at Americans (or anyone else for that matter) when the context is right, but this "skella" dickhead makes me angry. Korea would be a communist wasteland if it wasn't for America, or at the very best they would still be under Japanese control.

South Koreans owe so much to America and the countries who fought here during the Korean War. You can argue that they made the separation that led to the war yada yada. Maybe that's partly true, but at that time the Koreans would have done just about everything to get out from Japanese control.

Anyway, I'm on a rant here and I shouldn't be.

Fuck all you Koreans who are gonna say shit about some dude who almost died just because he is a foreigner. I'm not generalizing here, I'm talking to specific people who posted comments on the Korean Herald site.

And to the American guy, hope you fully recover. Best of luck.


Anonymous said...

hey man, actually, i think the skella guy is on the injured guy's side. i think he's ashamed of the way his own countrymen treat forgeiners. he thinks many of his fellow koreans are unkind to forgeiners, so he's recommending that they don't come to korea. but honestly, i'm not really sure what i think cuz it's almost 4am and i'm a little drunk. i'll take another look at your post tomorrow. anyways, god bless the injured guy. i should make a donation too.

Anonymous said...

Ummm... I read it with the sarcasm I sense in his tone... Maybe you're right and I just read so many other comments before I came to his that I was already pissed off.... Either way, follow the link and read what the others had to say...

But I just read skella's comment with a voice of sarcasm and righteousness. "Have a good day. And I like you Americans very much." Sounds hollow to me, but I'm a jaded drunk cunt right now\\\\


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