Thursday, May 24, 2007

Basketball, drama, and racism...

To begin, I have to express my disgust with the NBA and the playoffs.

The league ruined the Suns entire season with their ridiculous suspensions of Amare (AKA Black Jesus) and Diaw. Robert Horry body checks Steve Nash the Suns get screwed in the process because a couple of the b'ys left the bench.

I've always hated the Spurs and Robert Horry, but
now I'm starting to hate the NBA via the Spurs and Big Shot Rob.

So now we have the Spurs and Jazz in the conference final. This series could quite possibly be the most unappealing matchup in playoff history.

On the other side we have th Pistons and Cavs. I like the Pistons and Cavs are alright but I'm still not sold on Lebron. He will never be Michael Jordan (well, nobody will) and he's just not very exciting for me. Don't get me wrong, he's a phenomenal player but the excitement factor is not as high as it should be.

I don't really care who wins the championship just as long as it isn't the Spurs. But you know what, they're gonna be just about impossible to beat.

But that's what everyone thought about the Lakers a few years back and the Pistons had their way with them. I'll just have to wait and see.

Sticking to the topic of basketball, I went out and got drunk last night. Today is Buddha's birthday so it's a holiday.

I went ot Hyehwa with a Newfy friend and hit up a bunch of bars. We covered a lot of ground going to a few artsy/dirty/dingy places, a couple of strange basement establishments that were really cool although empty, and then to a dance bar.

At our first basement bar we ordered something call dundungju or maybe dongdongju. Either way, it was pretty disgusting. It was this weird carbonated milky sour drink that came in a large pumpkin bowl. It was similar to this other Korean drink called makali but much grosser.

The best thing about the place was this girl sitting in the corner wearing a leopard print shirt. Hot. Really.

By the time we hit the dance club I was no longer anywhere near sober. My buddy left to go home but I stayed out and it's blurry from there on in.

I remember dancing with these girls for a long time but this Korean dude kept coming over and dancing with me to seperate me from the girls. The girls would keep coming back my wayHdancing with me and soon enough the dude would be back again. He was being really nice the whole time while attempting to keep me away. He was really pissing me off but I was the only white guy in the place so what can you do?

I asked him what his deal was but I don't know what he said. Neither of the girls were his girlfriend though. My conclusion on the whole incident is that he is simply a racist and I told him that.

I remember saying "Stop being a fucking racist man. What's the deal?" He'd just smile at me.

When I left the place I was talking to the guys outside at the door for a bit. All I remember saying is "Man, there's some racist shit going on in there. You shouldn't let racists in your bar." We all had a laugh at my drunken rant and I'm glad I'm able to be a prick but go about it in a way that doesn't get my ass kicked. I think I inherited this skill from my dad.

It was now time to go home and as I stumbled through the streets trying to get to the main drag, I came across a film set on a basketball court. I asked around and they were filming a scene for some Korean drama (soap opera but they always call them dramas here).

I tried my hardest to get myself in the show but they didn't need a drunk white guy for whatever scene they were shooting.

Once again, a bunch of racists. Every scene should have a drunken white guy in it, especially if it's a scene involving basketball.

I tried to explain to the director that I was twice the runner-up in my Provincial free throw competition but it didn't impress him. Racist!

I also should have told him that one night at the batting cages I got the highest score on the basketball game a few weeks back. He probably would have been more receptive to my request to be in his show then.
Soon after I got a taxi home and woke up 6:00 today.

Tomorrow I have an open class and some district people are coming to evaluate my class. I'm teaching a grade 6 lesson that I've alreayd taught to four classes and it went well even though my co-teacher Dong-sik was still half drunk from the night before.

He said he didn't remember going home Tuesday night. His roommate woke him up the next morning and he said he didn't know where he was. As soon as I walked into school and saw him I knew he had a hard night and when I got close enough to him I could smell the booze. He reaked of booze actually.

While we were teaching that morning he left a few times to go throw up. But I gotta hand it to him, he's a damn good teacher when he's drunk.

We finished teaching before lunch and by 1:00 he had himself locked in our English classroom passed out on the table.

He's a great guy but I hope he's sober tomorrow for our open class.

And I hope the people coming to evaluate my class aren't a bunch of racists!

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