Monday, May 28, 2007

Booked solid...

By now I'm sure you, like myself, are a member of Facebook. I avoided it for a long time thinking that it was just another Hi5 or Myspace ripoff.

In a way I suppose that's all it really is, but unlike like the other "social networks" it seems that everyone who's ever used a computer is on Facebook. I have people on my list who I've totally thought my brain would never be reminded of again.

The site, like all "social networking" sites, is kinda creepy. It tells you what other members are doing, like adding pictures and comments and shit like dat.

I read today that the developer of the site is some 25 year old Harvard dropout ala Bill Gates. And like Microsoft, he's trying to get third party companies to develop software and ideas for Facebook. Believe it or not, Facebook traffic has recently surpassed Ebay in the last month and it is in the top five most visited sites in America (or maybe the universe, I can't remember).

I jsut wish I had Franky Basha as a friend on there.

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