Thursday, May 10, 2007

The great white north...

Tomorrow, which is Friday, I leave for North Korea. I return to Seoul late Sunday night.

I'm going to hike some mountain and stay in a "first rate" hotel in NK Saturday night. Supposedly the mountains are nice. This is what the website says about them (to check out the details of my adventure click here and then select "2nd North Korea Trip").
"The mountains are very beautiful. People usually ascend in apprehension
but descend dazzled, lacking for words to depict the surreal land of fairies,
immortal hermits, dragons and phoenixes."

I mean, seriously? What in the hell is that all about? Maybe Kim Jung Il isn't actually crazy after all and he really does control some sort of surreal ,mystical paradise.

I just hope I get to eat some dragon meat.

If that ain't possible, I will gladly settle for some boiled fairies. But only if the fairies are cooked like lobster and I get to hear them scream when they are dropped into the pot.

Ok, that sounds really cruel and twisted and I apologize to anyone who likes fairies. Forget about the lobster style dish.

Battered and deep fried fairies is probably much more humane, and much more delicious!

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