Monday, May 28, 2007

Time for rant...

I stumbled across this just now.

It's a bunch of pictures of "Al-Qaeda Style" torture techniques.

I fully support Americans torturing terrorists but I don't support terrorists torturing people back.

Here's my favorite method the terrorists use.Now I must state I'm not a racist, but the middle eastern people, I dunno. I used to think the war was against terrorism or something like that but it's not. It's now turned into a battle of extremism versus moderation. And if you look at who these extremists are, well, they all turn out to be Muslims

This is especially true for the whole Lebanon and Hamas thing. Both parties, the extremists and moderates, want to rule. What we have to do is help strengthen the moderates and impose a solution to both parties.

Some dude I was listening to the other day had this to say. Everywhere else the US has said "Okay, you people are fighting and you gonna reach peace." He said a few examples where this has worked such as Kosovo.

And say what you want about America and the fact that Iraq's in a bad war. Yeah that's rather obvious. But it's also rather obvious that the people they are fighting have a big ol' chip on their shoulder and hopefully they don't convince the "sensible" Muslims to also take on this chip. What's maybe a little less obvious to many is that Lebanon is not Iraq and it has a /relatively/ stable (well, when compared to Iraq) government.

In other news the US and Iran are gonna sit down and have a chat. It's been like 27 years since they sat around and chewed the fat. Iran could be a big part in the solution to all of this but I doubt they will be much help. Iran is the most successful "democracy" in the region besides Israel.

That's not really saying a whole lot but it says something I suppose.

Anyways, politics is kinda boring so I'm gonna go read one of the books I bought today. I've already started the 'international best seller' "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho. I think it's gonna give me hope and help me follow my heart and face my fears and a bunch of other cliched things related to positivity. I just hope it doesn't turn me into a big pussy.

I also purchased "L!fe, the Un!verse and Everyth!ng" by Douglas Adams, the dude who wrote "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy." I haven't read anything by him before but I'm hoping it's gonna be similar to Vonnegut.

And finally, I bought "Slaughterhouse-five" by Vonnegut. It's the only book I've read twice, and I'm gonna read it a third time. I'm bored at work and they didn't have anything else that appealed me at the store.

I was gonna but a book about the Middle East but I figured it would probably make me too angry and then my "Korea" blog would end up being a lot more of this.

I read this somewhere, maybe a friend wrote it, I don't remember. "Muslims have such nice food, why can't they just relax.

Great statement, and I agree. Chill out b'ys...

And I gotta get myself a vice.


gerrrrg said...

hey man!

life the universe and everything is part of the hitch hiker series. it's good, but you should totally read the series in order. the first book is the best, and the second and third one are good too, but it slowly gets worse as the series goes on...but yeah, that's the third book in the series. read hitchikers guide to the galaxy first, then the restaurant at the end of the universe, and then life the universe and everything....

or not....but the book won't be nearly as enjoyable if you don't. and it probably won't make as much sense either.

but then again, due to his writing style, that may be a good thing.

Jon said...

Was this the book where the main chick character from the previous book was explained away in one sencence and never heard from again?

Either this one or the 4th one. I forget.

Richard said...

I'm not even gonna bother reading it now... Everything I read about the book has not been good... It was an impulse buy at the bookstore... I'm gonna bring it back today and trade it for the first one and take it from there...

Thanks for the info guys...