Thursday, May 31, 2007

First nations goes digital... Another rant...

I was checking out the CBC website today as I always do and I come across this headline...

"Manitoba chiefs want cellphone revenue"

I clicked and continued reading and what my eyes conveyed to my brain was one of the most outlandish claims I've ever heard.

This Chief wants to actually to get "compensated" for every cell phone signal that passes through their First Nations land. This is what he said:

"[The request is] based on the understanding that we do have some fundamental rights as indigenous people to land, water and airspace," said Chief Ovide Mercredi of the Grand Rapids First Nation.

"When it comes to using airspace, it's like using our water and simply because there's no precedent doesn't mean that it's not the right thing to do," he said.

Okay, so this precedent isn't actually set but just imagine if it is. Next, we will be asking radio stations for cash because they are using "our" airways. The same goes for satellite TV. Then, we may decide to ask Air Canada for some bucks because planes that fly overhead are using radios and GPS to navigate "in our airspace."

Indians get a lot of slack in Canada from non-indians. I know "Indian" isn't the proper term but when they are scheming like this they deserve to be called Indians. Actually, indians without the large 'I' is better.

See I respect this type of First Nations dude...

You know, the Lakota dude who sells the pills for back pain and arthritis. That's a legitimate gig right there.

Fuck this "Gimme money because I'm an indian" bullshit. We give you enough already...

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