Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Culinary terrorism...

Disclaimer: I am not a racist. I just have a wry/surly/churly sense of humour.

After I went to those palaces yesterday, me and a few friends went to Itaewon and ate some Pakistani food.

While we were waiting for our food we tried to order a few beers but the server informed us they were "...blah blah..." which my friend told me meant this place was hardcore Muslim, or Islamic, or something like that, and they don't serve booze because Muslims don't drink that stuff.

My friend then made a quick remark "Well, let's go to the Kwik-E-Mart and grab a few beer while we wait." Bad joke because the server guy was Pakistani, but I don't think he got it anyway.

So now I am going to warn you that the rest of this blog is going to be an untasteful politically incorrect rant. But I've been being so nice on this thing that I feel its about time to be a bit of a prick. So here goes.

I am not a racist, and I have nothing against people from the mid-East. But I do have a problem with Muslims. Not all Muslims, just the crazy ones who strap bombs to themselves and kill innocent people. The problem is that these fundamentalists seem to be getting stronger, and even the regular Muslims are too sensitive.

For example, the Pope had to apologize for saying that some of the Prophet Muhammad's teachings are "evil and inhuman." If you go back and read up about this guy its somewhat true, but the Pope had to apologize anyway because the Muslims are so touchy.

To me, they seem very sheepish and the average middle-Easterner seems to follow their clerics words as rules. People bash Christianity every minute of the day but you don't see all of the Christians rising up and getting in people's faces and threatening to start wars and demanding apologies. Muslims seem want a war just because someone says bad things about Islam. Lighten up a little already.

So back to the guy who was serving us dinner. I jokingly told my friends I wouldn't have eaten here if I realized my purchase of dinner was going to support terrorism (well, I dunno even know if I was joking). They didn't like the joke so I guess that means they wanna support terrorism too.

We talked about Islam and how all the other religions were also quite violent at one point or another, but I live in the world today and I don't appreciate other people's strong beliefs infringing on the Western world.

Remember that guy who made the cartoon with Muhammad a while back and all the shit it caused. Things like that piss me off.

There was also an episode of South Park where the writers wanted to show an image of Muhammad and Comedy Central wouldn't let them do it. South Park pretty much does what it wants these days but not allowing them to show some prophet of some religion seems ridiculous to me. Jesus is a character on the show, and they had an episode tearing apart the Mormons and another bashing Scientology, but you can't make fun of Islam because there is an actual chance that someone may try to kill you or blow you up.

With that being said, I don't think the server liked us very much. Finally our food arrived and it was delicious. I had something called Chicken Tikka with white rice (and good white rice, not the sticky stuff like the Koreans always eat). There was only one problem.

Two out of maybe ten pieces of my chicken was really undercooked. I ate the first piece because I had so much rice in my mouth with the chicken that I just said "to hell with it" and swallowed. I noticed the other raw piece while it was still on my plate and after a good inspection, I realized I had just been terrorized.

There are many forms of terrorism to be aware in today's world, and I know now that "Culinary Terrorism" is real and it is a true threat.

I will no longer be eating any middle-Eastern food until this war on terror has been won. You can mark my words on that one.

Now, to back up some of my terribly outspoken and likely unpopular views, read the following paragraph from an article I read a few days ago:

"With the same ardor as Communism, Islam treats generosity, broadmindedness, tolerance, gentleness, freedom of women and of manners, democratic values, as marks of decadence. They are weaknesses that it seeks to exploit, by means of useful idiots, self-righteous consciences drowning in nice feelings, in order to impose the Koranic order on the Western world itself. "

Here is the link to the full article. Very interesting.

The guy who wrote the above paragraph is a university professor somewhere (read the article if you really wanna know) who cannot even go teach his class because of threats. He has also had to leave Egypt, where he lives, and go to France to hide in order to avoid the 'wrath of Islam.'

Half of the reason I wrote this is because of my disappointment with Jack Layton and the NDP for wanting to pull Canadian troops out of Afghanistan. Stop being such a wimp man. I think we've lost under 40 troops since the battles began and we're fighting for I good cause, at least I believe so. This is a UN sanctioned battle and the Afghanis asked for UN support.

Remember those guys, um the Taliban? Well, they are getting stronger Jack and you sound like you wanna just let them win.

And another thing; the people who are against the Iraq war use the lack of UN support as a reason to argue against that war, but I hope these same people are not now arguing against the fight in Afghanistan. If we let these groups get more power, regional stability, and economic resources, its gonna blow up in our faces in the form of one great giangantic, big-assed jihad.

And no one wants that to happen do they?

So after experiencing my first terrorist attack, I now see the real danger of these Islamic fundamentalists and the power they have to brainwash the average Muslim, and I am rather upset about my culinary experience the other day.

But my stomach us much, much more upset.

And now, after seeing this special edition terrorist-bobble-head Muhammad, the Muslims are friggin' pissed!

And I, my friends, better watch my back.

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