Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Um, thanks...

This is gonna be a quick one. It's 11:30 at night here and I'm half drunk (well, I'm fully drunk) and I gotta work in the morning.

I left school at 1:00 to attend a lesson observations. On the way home, it turns out we weren't on the way home. We pulled up at a restaurant and the entire school staff was there (teachers, office admin people, maintenance crew, etc.).

Got inside and they called me and Kim Dong-sik (my 25 year old male co-teacher) up to the front and the principal said a short speech and presented us with a cake and a 1 Gig USB card. Here's the cake.

Turns out it was a big dinner meeting because the school just finished the school evaluation by the district, so they decided to welcome the new teachers as well.

Then we ate some bulgogi (I still have left over bulgogi in my fridge) and it was delicious. I also drank my fair share of soju with the meal, more than anyone else.

Then I got a ride home and figured I couldn't let the booze I already had in my system go to waste so I headed to the Konkik University area (known as "gun-day" in English pronunciation) and drank some beer with a few Koreans I don't know. Here's what the neighborhood looks like.

Now I gotta sleep because I gotta teach the morning.

Good thing no one understands me anyway so if I'm totally hungover it won't even matter.


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