Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Not much to say these days. I'm in a good groove with work, although I'm a little busier than I want to be because of the after school classes I have to teach. Those extra three hours, plus an hour of planning, really eat away at my time. I find myself having to catch up on lesson plans because they want everything typed up. It's kinda ridiculous but there ain't a thing I can do about it.

I went out for dinner with the grade five teachers yesterday and got to know a few more of the young teachers. One girl is only 22 years old and she's a homeroom teacher! We went to VIPS and had the buffet salad bar which was awesome.

Today I went to an imports grocery store with another teacher. The place was small but they had things such as french fries, cans of (normal) soup, chicken nuggets (which were 25 bucks a bag so none for me), frozen lasagna and many more things. The prices were outrageous but I still came home with as much as I could carry.

And today was also payday so now I gotta figure out the cheapest way to send money back to Canada so I can pay off the loan I got for this computer, pay off my Roger's phone bill (I been waiting nearly 3 weeks for an email from them bastards) and if there's any money left after that, I'll probably waste it on Ebay.

Gotta love Ebay.


Anonymous said...

you manage to find those beans in tomato sauce after?

I havent forgotten....but if you havent, you'll have to wait until late november for any, cause that's the soonest that I'll have any extra money.


Richard said...

Yeah man... found a decent market with imported food so don't worry about it... But did you get that email I sent you about that photo?