Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Ghost town...

I went to Gangnom (again) Saturday night and hung out with some friends. One of the English teachers I know introduced me to a girl from Australia who lives kinda in my part of town. Actually, she lives even farther south (and out of the way) than I do but the main thing is that I now have someone who A. lives in my area, and B. I can split cab fare with if I wanna stay out later than midnight when the subway stops.

I'm quite happy about this.

That night we did end up splitting a taxi home and I was quite surprised that it only cost 13,000 Won from Gangnom to my apartment. That's cheap considering I had to pay 10,000 Won from a closer location last weekend. I think I got ripped off but all's fair when it comes to scamming foreigners. If I drove a taxi in Canada I would surely do the same thing to an unsuspecting Korean.

So I got home and decided to take a walk around my hood. I went to the store and bought a bottle of beer and I was off. I headed to Rodeo Street and I was amazed at what I saw.

I didn't see anything! The place was totally dead. I was the only person on the whole street. In the daytime this place is swarming with people and street merchants but once the stores close down, the place dies. There's nothing there but stores (and lots of them) so I guess it makes perfect sense but it kinda baffled me to be honest.
I then proceeded to some of the backstreets and the situation was practically the same. Although some small restaurants and HOF's (small bars?) were still open, there were no places where someone on a solo mission, like myself, could just go in and sit at the bar and order a beer.

I got so far down the road and saw a drunk man in a suit stumbling up the road. I decided to ask him to take a picture of me thinking that he was too drunk to try and run off with my camera. He looked at my funny but took the shot.

Gotta love being able to drink in the streets!

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