Monday, October 16, 2006

Maybe I'll get sick...

I've been slack with the blogs as of late because I've been busier at work now that I have to teach some after school English classes to the staff. What this means is that I don't have time to be messing around on the net at work anymore.

I've also been trying to catch up on a lot of boxing so I've been watching a lot of fights when I get home from work and this leaves me with less time for blogging.

I've also discovered this amazing program called TVU Player that is just like having cable TV on your computer. It's nice to be able to watch sports highlights in the morning while getting ready for work.

It has ESPN, the NBA channel, the MLB channel, ABC, NBC, CNN, Fox, and it even has a sports channel that shows a few NHL games. Too bad the time zone difference makes it nearly impossible for me to watch any games during the week. Mondays really piss me off because just as I leave to go out the door to work NFL games are just about ready to start.

I do have 15 sick days I can use and there's only 16 games during the NFL regular season and week 6 or 7 is approaching so maybe I'll get to watch a few games if I "get sick."

And the World Series starts any day now...

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