Monday, October 09, 2006

Every square meter hey...

You must have heard about North Korea testing some nukes earlier today. I heard about it from another English teacher and then brought it up to my Korean co-teachers. They didn't seem particularly interested in the whole thing.

When my male co-teacher got out of class, I asked him about it and he said he knew as soon as it happened about 10:30 this morning. He recently finished his mandatory military service and one of his friends sent him a text message informing him about the situation.

He is kinda nervous about the whole thing because if war, or even battle, breaks out he has to go straight back to the Army and fight.

He also informed me that North Korea has a "bomb pointed at every square meter of Seoul." This is a military secret so don't tell anyone alright.

I asked him what he thought would happen if the UN/US/Japan, or anyone for that matter, decided to attack. He said, very matter-of-factly, that both Koreas would be completely bombed and destroyed. That's kinda what I figured too.

Its strange because I'm not the least bit nervous about any of this, although it seems quite real because of the proximity. North Korea is only about 30 kilometers from Seoul. I was still in Canada when the North tested those long range missiles and this feels pretty much the same to me.

At our weekly staff meeting today we were informed that we will have a missile drill next week, or something like that. I guess its gonna be a lot like a fire alarm but you don't exit the school, apparently you just wait around?

I'm gonna hide under my desk.


Anonymous said...

I had to check out your blog to see what you though of this whole situation, it seems a bit fucked up to me, it looks like you have a good attitude towards it. there is no point to run around scared of everything, but if you have to get under a desk for any reason use the teachers desk and not the students.


Richard said...

Yeah, my desk is pretty sturdy man... It ain't one of those Ikea pieces of shit...

But it probably seems more messed up to you because its the rest of the world that are making a big deal of this. Here in Seoul the locals don't seem to really give a shit. They are used to their Northern neighbor actin' a fool and the US said they have no plans to attack.

The South Koreans seem to feel that the North is no real threat at all unless they are provoked, and I think the South feels that they are good enough friends with the US to keep the US from attacking.

Japan won't attack because NK is too close and even if Japan crushed NK, Nk will have enough time to launch a few thousand missiles straight at Tokyo...

So yeah, it's all good over this way man...