Monday, December 11, 2006

The good ol' days...

Busy blog day today but I gotta catch up. Been really busy at work getting ready for English camp so on with the show.

A friend of mine had this picture on his MSN messenger. It brought a giant Ugandan smile to my face.
For those of you who weren't wrestling fans as children, this is the man known as the Ugandan Giant: Kamala. What a great character.

If I remember correctly he was a headhunter (the best in the world) and his manager was named Kim Chee. That is much funnier to me now because kimchi is one of the prides of Korea. It's a food made with spicy fermented cabbages.
I've had no interest in wrestling since I probably turned 11 or 12 years old because well, I guess I grew up. Or did wrestling just get shitty? I don't know.

Man, I do know this though. Some things about the 1980's were sure awesome.

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