Sunday, December 24, 2006


So the Christmas holidays are upon us. It's Christmas Eve here but it may as well be Groundhog Day or something. It doesn't feel like X-mas at all.

But that ain't a bad thing.

The less it seems like X-mas the less I will miss being home for X-mas... I think...

And this is a good year to not be home because a lot of my Deer Lakian friends won't be home anyway so I don't' feel like I'm missing out on too much.

Let's make a list here of the good ol' b'ys...

Jacobs, Sean, and Justin (well, I'm just guessing on Justin) will all be in Alberta...

Matt is here tearing up Korea with me...

Boomer will probably be home for a few nights...

Marcel and Diggz and Spencer and Luke will be home...

So I don't' feel too bad about missing not being home.

I also feel that the last two year's in DL were awesome, especially the New Years parties in Corner Brook, and will be hard to top.

There's also a lot of shit going on here in Seoul all the time and last night I went to one of the punk bars for the first time. Before we went to the punk bar we were walking around Hongdae looking for a bar called Club Spot. All I knew is that it was by the park so we had a look and couldn't find it.

We gave up our hunt and went and drank at a few random bars and then proceeded to look for the Spot again. I dunno how we missed it the first time because it's right in front of the park, but anyway.

So we walk in the bar and the first person we see is a person from Corner Brook (Amy). I'm not shitting you. Later in the night we were walking down the road a girl asked my friend for a smoke. We got to talking and she was from Millertown in Newfoundland. Small little world ain't it.

The show was over at this place so we headed to Club Drug (AKA DGBD or something like that). The bands were finished playing there too but there was a DJ playing all this old 50's music and a bunch of Korean punks dancing up a storm.

We stayed there dancing until everyone was too tired and then hit up another bar while we waited for the subway to start running.

The Korean punks were awesome. They were decked out with there spiked hair and spiked leather jackets. It was funny to see these people dancing to old 1950's X-mas music.

Tonight were gonna go to a bar called Skunk Hell and check out some of the bands. Should be an interesting way to spend X-mas Eve for sure!

I'm also getting on a pretty good schedule these days. Wake up at two or three in the afternoon. Eat, shower, mess around, and then head out drinking somewhere at about midnight. Stay out until 5:30 drinking because that's when the subway starts in the morning. Eat a ham and cheese sandwich froma corner store and then get on the train for an hour and try not to sleep through my stop.

So far so good. Made it home the last two night.

Third times a charm.

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